Sunday, June 29, 2008

25 T Kitbash the Project Rolls On

Another week by in a flash! I continue to hammer away at work while I practice piano, and to tune both of those out I continue to build these odd toys out of plastic

So we're on week 2 of the 25 T kit bash. Read last weeks' post to find out what main kits I'm using for this. OK, the body....from the "Switchers" Kit I talked about last time, had some huge mold lines, and oddly, two inexplicable holes near the rear of the doors. These holes must be for mounting something but I don't know what--there is nothing in the instructions about what these holes are for, and no parts I could find that you put in there.

No problem--I could file off the mold seams and fill in the holes, but I am curious--what these holes for, and how come you don't see them on the picture of the T on the box artwork? Did the guy who made the red T on the box kit art fill them in as well?

I wanted to get an pearl/ivory color for the interior with red/white carpet and blue highlights. It was a lot of work to get the look as good as it is, and IMO the interior tub doesn't look all that good. I ended up priming with Duplicolor sandable white primer and then mixing up 80% Jacquard airbrush metallic white and some Jacquard Pearl EX Pigmets #651 Pearlwhite and airbrushing that on. I sanded the primer a bit with #600 wet and dry so the Jacquard would "stick" better--I had some flake and peel issues with this same kind of paint during my last build, so, live and learn. I also dried the painted tub with a blow drier--the Jacquard documentation talks about blow drying as a way to seal up the acrylic hobby paint--along with a light coat of Testors Dullcoat #1260. And this sanding/drying/sealing worked--the Jacquard paint fused on solid.

However I had a heck of a bad time getting the blue hilights right--in this case I wanted the "stitchwork" on the interior upholstry to be blue. But the wash just wouldn't stick where I wanted it to! I ended up putting a light blue wash on (using "The Detailer" blue) then spraying with Testors Dullcoat, then while it was all still wet rubbing off the upper layers of paint off the upholstry with a qtip. It worked, sort of. I also put in some red carpeting, let it dry 24 hrs, and then covered it with a wash of the same pearl I used on the interior shell. If you blow up the photo here you will see tiny flecks of carpet that ended up on the seat. Some of that is just flecks that landed there recently, that I was too lazy to brush off before snapping the photo. But some others are stuck in the paint. As for the latter, I have no idea how that happened, but, I have to live with it. Next time I mask EVERYTHING before I lay in the carpet!!! Also, I think next time I will take the time to cut the "grooves" in the upholstry deeper, that should make the wash look better.

The dash that came with the switchers kit (bottom dash) was pretty uninspired so I cut down a dash from a '40 Ford I had in my parts bin (top dash). It has a way to go, but it fits in the body shell, so I just have to add some guages and whatnot and it's ready to paint. This was a fun part of the build so far....using later Ford parts on early rods is a common hot rod practice in the 1:1 world and it's cool besides, so why not do it here.....

As I said last time, the frame is from an AMT Parts Pack I got off Ebay, and the engine from the wonderful Revell 29 Ford pickup kit. Both are built straight up stock, except I stole large "Stovebolt" carbs off an AMT 51 Chevy, and used the undocumented 4-banger straight pipes from the Revell 29 Ford Pickup kit. Good old Revell--always throwing in more parts then you need. The fuel pump came from the parts box, as did the alternator, both added to give a bit more "bling" to the bare side of the engine.

OK so much for this week. Next time--hopefully--wheels and tires. That's something I am dreading a bit for this build, because it's important to the look and I am not exactly sure what I'm going to use or how to make it all work. I bought a couple of open wheel CART cars to steal the tires off of....maybe that will be a step in the right direction.

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