Sunday, June 13, 2010

66 Olds 442--Starting to Paint

So who has time for hobbies and crafts? In the past couple of months not me! I finally got a few minutes this weekend to do some quick painting of the 442 Olds I've been building (or trying to find time to build) over the past several weeks. Painting is always my favorite part!!!

From past entries you may know that I LOVE paints from Jacquard. Although Jacquard primarily advertises their paint as being best for dyeing fabric and coloring ceramics, their acrylics are great for plastic--easy to mix and airbrush once they are thinned down, and best of all, they don't stink up the house.

The main trick is what to thin them with....and after a bit of trial and error I found that windshield wiper fluid works best (who would have thought?) I whipped up some metalflake silver/green by mixing some Jacquard powders and airbrush colors and got ready to spray....

Two light coats, applied with a cheap airbrush, was all I needed....

Next I mixed up some blue wash, using 90% wiper fluid and 10% "Dazzling Mettalics" ice blue crafts paint from Decoart, and applied the wash to some of the surfaces of the interior.

The chassis pan was painted with Tamiya Matte Black, one of my favorite flat blacks....

...and the chassis components were prepped for metalizing paint with Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel Gloss black.

The good thing about having no time to paint (or anything else...): everything gets plenty of time to dry!!

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