Saturday, August 27, 2011

66 Nova--Finished!

Not much time to build again this month but I did manage to finish the 66 Nova....

The Nova started mostly as an excuse to practice painting more with 2 part Polyurethane Clearcoat.

Again I have found that 2 part clear takes some extra attention to making sure the color coat is smooth--problems with the color coat seem amplified by tqo part polyurethane clear, rather than muted.

Overall a fun build...I had a good time applying the photoetch parts....

I used license plate decals, but just cut the decals out and did not soak them; I glued them to the bumpers with plain old styrene glue. I feel this looks better than other methods I have tried.

And, using brass for the fuel plumbing came out OK....

I have 3 '51 Chevy kits sitting around, that will be next....

Almost fall again!

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