Saturday, March 24, 2012

75 Vette: Uncorking the House of Kolor Pearl

Back again and it's time to pick a body color for the long discontinued 1975 MPC vintage corvette kit...

I am building a 1:25 1975 Corvette kit, last manufactured sometime in the 80's; I purchased two "annual kits" via Ebay for about $40 each, the second in case I broke/lost something.....

To challenge myself (a bit) I decided to try out the world of "House of Kolor" paints. I've seen great paint jobs (1:1 and scale) using HOK paints so I figured I'd give it a try. I found 2 ounce bottles for sale at Black Gold as well as TCPglobal

One can choose from a bewildering amount of colors and textures in the world of HOK, and, I gather the painter is expected to mix and match to get his final shade. I had trouble figuring out what to spray first, until blackgoldweb summed it up in an email: for pearls, use solid white followed by the pearl and clear; for kandies, solid white, kandy base coat, transparent kandy, and clear.

I ended up buying from Black Gold Web. After rattle can primer, I used an Iwata SAR for 2 coats flat white (BC2602) followed by 2 coats of Snowhite Pearl (PCB4402). Paint went on without a hitch and looked great. Pearls are iridescent as you may know; it was a bit hard to show in bench photos, but in sunlight the color subtly shifts between silver metallic and ghost white....very nice!

Next up is 2 part automotive clear, followed by bare metal foil and photoetched details. I am on the road (again) next week, so this will have to wait a bit....

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