Sunday, February 24, 2013

53 Vette & quot- Don Yost Build" Finished!

I took a break from a Vette Gasser project to try out some enamel techniques learned from an education airbrush DVD from Don Yost ....

Here's what I came up with. It's a box stock build of an AMT 53 Vette using some of the "Customizing parts".....paint is all Testors enamel, which is the only sort of paint Yost uses, it seems.

It's a pretty good kit, but like so many AMT builds, the suspension had to be dropped a lot....the hood doesn't quite fit....

Paint wise, Yost's technique is easy to use on every part of the build, and enamel paint, it turns out, is very forgiving.  To think I got rid of a lot of enamel paints a few years ago thinking they had no use....

Overall this build came out pretty well, if I had to do this again I'd work more on getting the hood to fit better, and spend more time on the ride height, both of which seem to always an issue it seems on these old AMT kits.  Other than the wheels from the parts box, everything else is "box stock".

Overall enamel paints have now worked their way back into my paint setup.  These DVD's from Yost, like 2 part clear, will change the way I build from here on.  I recommend the DVDs!  

Now it's back to the gasser, or maybe one of the other projects I've been working on.  Glad this one is done!

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