Monday, May 27, 2013

40 Ford Parts Is Parts!

So here it's almost June already, and what have I been up to in terms of my time consuming hobby that squashes my obsessive compulsive disorder (sometimes?)

Still working on a box-stock 40 Ford.  Even hard for me to believe it's not done yet!

So I have a new house and have been busy at work--so when I have 15-20 minutes I run up to my work room and glue together a few more parts!

As I said before--this is a cool kit!  Fun to build!  Interior is silver lacquer with green acrylic accents...

Ready to be dropped in.....a few masking problems here and there, but good enough (and--I never retouch any photos!)

Really hard for me not to wire the engine--but I didn't!

Frame is coming out pretty clean--almost ready for final assembly.

Body is Testor's One Touch Lacquer--I used this paint to save myself time!  And--nice crud by the fender--that's just me being to lazy to clean the body before taking this pix--it will clean up OK.

OK, wheels/tires have a Shabo label treatment.  Like the super-low-rez photo eh? Whitewalls are dry transfer...didn't come out perfectly centered, but it's OK.  It will look good on the finished model--which hopefully I will be done with soon.  But I still have to prep all the body trim--arg!  That's probably the toughest job of all! Until next time--I'll be what I am, Solitary Man.....

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