Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well I made it home this morning after being down in Austin for a few days.   Caught the flight home at 7:30
AM this morning and arrived in Denver just after 9:00 AM.    I only ended walking to the Austin office on Monday and Tuesday. Worked out pretty well, the route that I took was 2.6 Miles each direction.  In the evening I caught rides with team members as we were on our way out for dinner.

Looking forward to the weekend and getting shelving project started and competed.  Candy is doing a girls trip with her sister this weekend so I have two days to knock this out.

Parts of town are getting some pretty good rain this evening, up to 4 inches in some areas.   Once again we may have flooding.  The local news has been talking it up all night.  They have closed highway 24 into Manitou.   We shall find out soon I guess.  We haven’t seen much rain on our side of town but can see lots of lightning and hear the thunder.

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