Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beautiful Job

Beautiful Job
I walked to work again today, so I was able to get 5.2 miles in.  At least tonight it wasn't raining!
Last night I had to wear the rain poncho home.   It has been raining just about every day.  What a year we have had.  From the drought, the fire in Black Forest, flooding in Manitou Springs.

Last Saturday after the flash flood, Candy and I took a drive over to Manitou to survey the situation. Back in the day, mid 1998 I used to office in Manitou located at 514 El Paso Ave. We drove by there and low and behold the building was gone.  It looked like they had just done it, as the area was still roped off.  I am guessing it flooded in the last flash flood we had a week ago, not only that it was up against a hill.  I remember several large boulders coming down the back side and hitting the building.

The area was a mess, with mud and debris left by the high water. We didn't make into Manitou as the traffic was pretty heavy so we turned around and headed out.

Wow, now here is a tool-box from back in the day!  Wish it was mine!

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