Sunday, September 15, 2013

40 Ford Hot Rod Finished

It's been a few months and I haven't been building at all but I moved, I've going through some difficult personal stuff, and I guess I needed a break.  But modeling is like a patient friend, hanging around, and once I realized I could wake up a bit early and build for a few minutes before getting ready for work, I got right back into how relaxing and fun this stupid hobby can be.

So finally I finished the box-stock 40 Ford Hot Rod.  A pretty easy build and way fun! Not much to report here-this was a really straight forward kit, got some orange peel on some of the side panels, but otherwise it came out OK.

The trim took a lot of patience, I had to add a piece and then let it dry overnight, then add a couple more and let it dry overnight, and so on, but the patience was worth it-the more I build the more I realize that patience is everything when it comes to a decent finished product. Nothing can be rushed!

And it was nice (and relaxing) to build something "box stock".

Now on to some of the more ambitious projects I was working on before I took this break!  Hopefully coming soon!

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