Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home for a week or two

Guess it has been a while since I put up a post.   Been a busy month, have traveled for work, played in a family golf event, attended a funeral for a family member and been trying to get things done around the house and the shop.

On the walking front I have not been out.  Did walk a couple days last week but with all the travel it has been tough to get into the groove.

So I played in a family golf outing for a few days in Castle Rock, CO.  This was the week that Colorado got rain like you wouldn't believe, up to 14 inches in some areas.  Had a blast and over the course of four days I played a 108 holes of golf.   I didn't bring home the gold but I had a great time.   This was the 28th Sharkey Clark Memorial Golf Classic.  Got a chance to see most of my uncles and a few old friends.

I spent a week on the road, traveled to Nashville and Atlanta visiting with customers and prospects, and then the weekend in Wichita.   Didn't plan on going to Wichita but we had a passing in the family.  Sad situation!

Most of this weekend I worked around the house and the shop.  On Saturday we did go to an auction.  Had fun and I picked up some Kiss memorabilia for the collection.  I also snagged a miniature mining cart.  We brought it home and cleaned it up and then Candy loaded it with flowers.  We placed it in the living room and I think it looks pretty good.

Today I started working on a new project.  I am refinishing a wooden bench and plan to decoupage some birds that I cut out from an old calendar that I had been saving to do something with.   I got the birds cut out and placed them to see how they would look.   Once I had my layout done and started painting the bench and should have it done in a couple of days.  Once that is done then I will decoupage the birds on.

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