Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

Candy had to work today so that left me to figure out things to do.   I made an early start of the day since she had to get up, so did I.   First stop this morning was the German Deli. They bake on Friday night through Saturday morning and you have to get there early before they sell out.  I picked up a bag of Poppy seed Kaiser rolls, a bag of sausage and cheese rolls, half pound of peppered salami, Havarti cheese, tub of cucumber salad.  Looking forward to munching down on salami/Havarti cheese baked sandwiches.
Happy Saturday

Candy is off tomorrow so I was thinking about dragging her out to the paint mines for a hike and some pictures.   Need to make up some sandwiches so we can have a picnic while we are out hiking.   I think I will take the guns and maybe stop in at the gun range and do some shooting.   I know she would have a good time, I know I will.

After the German Deli I stopped off at Kangaroo Coffee and picked up an Avalanche. Mmmmm tasty!  When I got back I start thinking about what to make for dinner.   Candy had cooked a roast earlier in the week, so I made stew this evening.  Made a list of what I needed.

Before I headed to the store I went up and did a quick 3.6/Miles through BCP.  This gets me up to just a little over 18/Miles for the month.  I guess this makes the fourth day in row out on the trails.  Feeling good, just need to keep after it.

Made a run to HD and picked up my Birthday present.  Got myself a new shop vacuum, I had one but loaned it to a co-worker along with my really nice moving dolly and when he split town he took it with him.    Stopped at the store and picked up the vegetables for the stew.  Then I stopped and picked up the dry-cleaning.   Got home and unloaded and then headed to the shop.

On the way I stopped and washed the truck.  When I got to the shop I wiped it down and then detailed the interior.   Used my new birthday present and vacuumed out the inside.  Came out looking pretty good.   I had some old fencing so I made a bird house, knocked it out pretty quick, and only took about 30 minutes.   I need to get a 2 inch hole cutter and make the entryway, pictures to follow shortly.

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