Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Progress of Nokia 3310 Support 4G

Nokia 3310 Support 4G

Exciting news, Nokia 3310 will be coming soon with 4G network support. As is known, the Nokia 3310 is a legendary phone that was re-released by HMD Global some time ago. But the phone is released in October 2017 and comes with 3G connectivity only. Not satisfied with that, HMD Global will present a new variant with support 4G.

Nokia 3310

Information about Nokia 3310 support 4G was first reported by a reliable source of Nokia related leaks. According to the report, the new Nokia 3310 variant will run YunOS, the operating system designed by Alibaba Group based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

However, that does not mean you can use a full range of Android applications. Because YunOS has a virtual machine that is different from the Android handset, although almost similar.

Wikipedia calls the app store Aliyun also shows features similar to the Android app store.

Therefore, Nokia 3310 is very likely only to be present in China where they can not run Android version of Google Play. It is unclear whether the Nokia 3310 will also be marketed with an international version.

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In addition to 4G connectivity support, the New Nokia 3310 specification of the rest is almost similar to previous variants. The screen measures only 2.4 inches.

New Nokia 3310 on 2018
VTECH calls Nokia 3310 will be released in CES held in January 2018

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