Thursday, October 3, 2013

Social Butterfly

The title comes with the post that I made today on FB.  More than I normally do in a day, but who cares.   I have been listening to the Scorpions this week on my way to and from work.  So tonight I updated my profile photo and posted a link to a video.   I did manage to walk to and from work again today.  Felt good to be out, before it turns cold.  I don't mind the cold as much as I do the heat.

Candy started her new shift today.  It's just after 8PM and I haven't heard from her.  She said she is supposed to get off at 8:30PM but we will see.   I am going to have to find a productive way to fill my time.

I worked over at the shop this evening for an hour.  Took a few pictures of the vette.  Got the idea from a motorweek web site I was visiting.  I need to figure out how to cut out the back ground as I think this would make a pretty cool enlarged photo hanging up on the wall.

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