Monday, November 11, 2013

Soap, really? yes really!

We have had some changes stirring around the Robinson household.   Clark raised the question of moving out yesterday.  Honestly I think both Candy and I are for it.  He asked about his truck and if he could take it with him.  I said sure but he would have to carry the insurance.   I guess we could take care of that for him if it helps get him to be independent.    We shall see where this goes.   I need a place to work from home once in a while and his bedroom would be a great place to set up. 

I have had a couple of people ask me what we do with the extra room now that Eric has moved out and Clark is getting close to doing so.   Well this is what we have done; when Eric moved out we bought a treadmill and weights and put it into his old room.  When Clark moves out we are going to turn his room into an office.   So basically there will be no place for either one of them to move back into.   Currently we don’t even have a guest room for people to stay.  Don’t get me wrong, I would help out if needed, but this is the time to push them to make it one their own.   From having roommates too eating Ramen noodles and taking the bus to work or school.  Look that’s how I did it.

his last weekend I made some soap molds.  Soap molds you say?  Yes that is what I said.  Candy has gone through a few changes with work as of late and we decided that maybe she should start her own business.   So somehow we both came up with natural and decorative soaps.  Look it makes since to me, you have a registered nurse who worked in dermatology and is now creating soap products made naturally and some without fragrance for people with psoriasis and eczema.  Others will be just for decoration and display but still usable.  She has already made several test batches and it has been fun to watch her in her mask, goggles and apron.  She is working with some heavy duty chemicals like Lye, extracts and oils.

Yesterday I was her guinea pig with for her recent batch of bath bombs.    This one was with a lemon scent and was actually very nice.   I think she is on her 3rd or 4th batch of these, trying to work out the best process.  I wouldn't be surprised if you come across her soaps fairly soon.   The idea is that she will sell them in bulk so that people who do farmers markets, up-scale hotel gift shops, antique malls, etc can buy them and then sell them at their own locations.    She has been playing with using water from the springs in Manitou, which is another good selling point.   I have been looking at the sites of her competition and I have to say, with what I know, she can easily have a better site and greater online sales. Cha ching!  More to come on this in the months ahead.

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