Monday, November 11, 2013

Time is not on your side!

Sorry for the delay on getting something down in the blog.   Just been crazy busy these last several weeks and haven't made the time.   A lot going on for me both work wise and personally as of late.   Work wise, we are adding new customers and our current customers are looking for more from us.  Not a bad problem to have.

Personally I have just been trying to get work done around the house and the shop.   Let’s see this weekend we mowed, raked and picked up 22, 55 gallon trash bags full of leaves and crap out of the yard.   I love fall, but I hate the yearly cleanup that is required to get all the leaves picked up.   Candy helped me on Sunday so the backyard went quicker than the front did.

I had some good fortune this weekend.  A buddy of mine stopped by the shop and he about 15 car covers, nice car covers that he had collected and been storing in his attic.   We tried a few out and found three that covered up the vehicles I have.  These came in really handy as I am starting some wood working projects and this should help keep the dust off.

In October I managed to log 74.2/Miles in.   I am trying something different for the next couple of weeks.   On October 28Th, I started doing the Couch to 5K app.   So far so good, I have trained just about every day this month.   I started out doing it for lunch, but have now moved to running when I first get up in the morning.   It takes about 35 minutes and currently I am logging about 2.5/miles.   Faster than the walking to work, but the scenery isn't as nice.

For this month I am up to 17.9/Miles, all on the treadmill.   I am starting to feel pretty good with the running.   I really want to lose some of this extra weight I am carrying around my mid-section.   My goal is to get up to running an hour a day.  Candy is doing the couch to 5k, so it makes it a little easier and we can push each other.

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