Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back to work with New iPhone

Back to work with New iPhone

I hope all of you are happy Thank you for giving the holiday and being accompanied by the iPhone! While lying on this writing floor, I try to remember what I did during the last four days when I left. I have not felt tired since Friday. Some kind of stomach problem, but this will pass. So what I do, let me think back, in no particular order.

I bled the brakes on the 31 Ford.  About a month ago I was going to take it out and didn't have brakes. After finally finding the reservoir, I opened it up and it was empty.  It had been on my list to fix for a while so I picked up some brake fluid and a funnel with a long spout. It is located under the front seat and is a little tough to get to.   I can't find any leaks so it must have just been low.

Made up a couple more soap molds for Candy. A couple of them are out of 3 inch PVC pipe and I still need to make a pusher so that she can push the soap out of the mold.

Got a Christmas light on the front of the house. Must take some new strands as I think bad. Looks good and now I can cross that I have a list. Do not forget I have a camera for Christmas Eve. iPhone camera of course, with the camera I can capture a beautiful moment on Christmas Eve.

I am replacing my wired metal shelf inserts with wood. I was going to go with plywood but after looking at the pricing I opted for 1x8's and cut them down to 22 inch lengths. Saved me about 8 dollars per two shelves.  Still have a few to do, but I did get three done.

November wasn't a great month for me as it relates to getting miles logged.   I have been doing the Couch to 5K app and I am only up to the point where I get just a little over three miles completed in 35 minutes.   At least with the cold weather it make a nice break.  I didn't hike or do anything the last couple of days.  I did sleep in though.

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